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We're a pricing and monetization consultancy and the creators of The Pricing Canvas(TM). We help teams to price their new products and services, enhance their product-market alignment, and optimize their monetization strategy. What sets us apart is that we go beyond making pricing recommendations and inform all aspects of your go-to-market. We offer Rapid Pricing Assessments (R), pricing services, and monetization-as-a-service, and we are known for our methods that create transformative innovations in pricing and monetization.

Whether you're looking to monetize your innovations or innovate your approach to monetization, we've got you covered. Are you ready begin your pricing innovation?

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introducing the pricing canvas(TM)


Here' at Pricing Innovations, we’ve set out to reimagine the way we innovate, develop and monetize products that meet their revenue and profit goals. That’s why we created the Pricing Canvas ™.



The Pricing Canvas ™ consists of ten sections each representing a structural component of your business, product, and market. You can focus on any of these sections individually, and find ways to fuel your specific drivers for adoption, monetization, and growth. 

The Pricing Canvas (TM) is equiped with more than 30 guiding instructions. These instructions were designed to help you uncover and quanitify the outcomes, benefits, and economic impact of your offerings.


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Download our Pricing Handbook and learn the qualitative and quantitative methods of pricing and monetization.

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PI’s insight and work became a vital part of the go-to-market strategy for Token of Trust®'s B2B offering and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Pricing Innovations helped us hone our value model to ensure that we gathered the right insights from our pilots and properly set the stage for developing a long-term pricing strategy.

- Austin O'Brion
C0-founder Token of Trust

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Pricing Innovations' Pricing Resource Center has got you covered. Whether you're pricing new products, services, solutions or innovating your pricing plan, we have all the pricing resources you need.

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