Pricing Software-as-a-Service How to price SaaS
Software-as-a-Service - SaaS

We’ve helped an ed-tech SaaS company to identify a brand-new segment, reconfigure its product and pricing structure, and adjust its go-to-market plan which created an additional $1.5M annual revenue potential.

How to price IoT solutions, Pricing Internet of Things
Internet-of-Things Solutions

We’ve helped a medical technology company to productize a new digital service for its 3,000+ customer base and align its pricing plan with the customers’ revenue upside creating an additional $3.2M annual revenue potential and 15% improvement in customer retention.

Pricing a new product, how to price new products
Start-ups & Product Strategy

We’ve helped a financial technology company to price their future product roadmap and align their cost structure with alternative sales and revenue models. The realignment enabled a 12% more favorable cost structure than initially planned and opened up three new industry verticals.

How to price healthcare products, pricing healthcare products
Healthcare & Medical Device

In healthcare, the biggest question is “Who pays?” We are cracking at that question everyday. We’ve helped a healthcare delivery technology company to set up new partnership models with hospitals and get their pricing structures right which expanded their addressable market by 420%.

How to price new services
Service Design & Professional Services

Our client – a prominent design agency – had continued adding new features and improvements on their technology product for over five years without any pricing adjustments. We helped them restructure their offering and roll out a new pricing plan. The new plan had no impact on their existing churn rates while creating an average 17% increase in their annual profits.

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