Pricing Canvas ™ Workshop

What we deliver

A half or full day workshop to integrate value based pricing in product management, marketing, and sales.

Results in

1-2 weeks

Best for

Start-ups, product or service teams that are launching a single product or service offering

Rapid Pricing Assessment ®

What we deliver

An opportunity analysis and pricing plan using the principles of the Pricing Canvas ™.

Results in

4 - 6 weeks

Best for

Teams that are scaling, adding a new product, transforming their revenue models, or increasing their prices

Monetization Coaching

What we deliver

A comprehensive monetization and mobilization plan for your entire portfolio.

Results in

6-12 weeks

Best for

Platforms and portfolio teams monetizing data, bundling products and services, and innovating their pricing models

Monetization Consulting

What we deliver

Monitoring of your performance, and systematic adjustment of your pricing and roadmap.

Results in


Best for

Developing products that you can monetize, transforming your business model, SaaS, IoT & enterprise offerings

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What Do Y'all Actually Do?

We’re a product consultancy focusing on innovations in pricing for technology products, platforms, and services. We go beyond making monetization recommendations, and inform all aspects of your product, offer, pricing, and cost structures as well as your go-to-market plan. We offer assessments, coaching, and innovations for getting your pricing right.


What's Included in the Pricing Canvas ™ Workshop?

The Pricing Canvas ™ Workshop has three distinct phases. We first submit a detailed data request and conduct discovery interviews with your team. Then, we work together through a half or full day workshop to draft a Pricing Canvas™ that is specific to your pricing opportunity. Finally, we re-engage for another session, a week or two later, and review the pricing plan that your team put togehter based on the workshop.


What's a Rapid Pricing Assessment ® ?

Rapid Pricing Assessment ® is an opportunity analysis and pricing plan to quantify your optimum monetization opportunity. We work rigorously with your team and create a value model of your offerings using the principles of the Pricing Canvas ™. Then, we determine a high level pricing and monetization strategy for you to validate, test, and deploy.


What Can Pricing Do for Us?

Pricing is one of the most powerful levers to transform good product into good business. A key set of metrics such as profitability, average revenue per buyer, buyer acquisition, buyer lifetime value, and buyer retention are all driven by your pricing strategy, structure, and model.


What's Your Pricing Process Like?

First we discover the right pricing structure, pricing model and pricing window specific to your space and product lifecycle. We then use that learning to configure and/or reconfigure your product and offer structures. Next, we help you to optimize your cost structure informed by your product, offer, and pricing structures. Finally, we support you in aligning your new go-to-market plan with your product strategy and growth goals.


What Does a Good Pricing Strategy Look Like?

Your pricing strategy aligns your product, offer, and pricing structures with your overall growth strategy. Getting pricing strategy right means identifying the pricing structure, pricing model, and pricing window, that drives acquisition, monetization, and profit growth - all at once.


What's in a Pricing Structure?

Pricing structure is key to aligning your prices with each of your customer segments in a specific purchase context. A good pricing structure is one that maximizes the revenue that you can generate from each of your different types of customers. This is an area where many product owners and marketers experience great difficulty, especially in fencing their new offering in relation to their current offerings.


How Do You Determine Willingness-to-Pay?

We have the following primary data collection options are available and included in most of our plans:

  • Pricing research design and survey
  • Customer and prospect interviews
  • Design of experiments for price testing and validation
  • Competitive market mapping
  • Scenario testing
  • Full market simulations

What Is Value Pricing?

The goal of value pricing or value-based pricing is to align your pricing structure with the value that is received by each of the different types of customers. We partner closely with your team(s) to determine the prices that best signal the differentiated value of your offering over the value offered by your competition.


What Is a Profit-Adoption Model?

Our Profit-Adoption Model is a financial and scenario-based model which is designed to identify the adoption levels that will drive the highest levels of long-term profitability. We scenario-test alternative price levels and determine the price points that will communicate your highest competitive value.


What's Your Approach to Competitive Analysis?

Our competitive analysis helps to identify the relevant reference points to determine the value of your differentiated offerings. Whether your offering is new-to-the-world or next generation, it's important to build your value proposition in relation to the value of the competing offers as well as substitute solutions.


What's Your Approach to Monetization?

We scenario-test alternative models of monetization as well as the product, service, and solution bundles, and determine the model that is most fit for executing your go-to-market strategy, profitably.

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Our sales team was struggling with pricing our enterprise deals. Particularly, we had fairly inconsistent discounting rules in place. Pricing Innovators helped us to put in place a Pricing Structure - a dynamic model to achieve the profitability targets of each and every proposal. With our dynamic pricing model in place, our sales team has a newly-found confidence for structuring the enterprise deals.

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Services Company