The Pricing Canvas

Finally, the pricing tool we've all been waiting for is here! The Pricing Canvas™ not only helps you price but it also aligns your key business structures with how you monetize. Download the Pricing Canvas™ and make sure to never leave money on the table again.

Pricing strategy canvas

The Pricing Canvas™ consists of ten sections each representing a structural component of your business, product, and market. It will help you to design your pricing and monetization strategy using the principles of value-based pricing. The questions on the Pricing Canvas™ will guide you in quantifying the outcomes, benefits, and economic impact of your offering.


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We're a pricing and monetization consultancy and the creators of The Pricing Canvas™.  We help teams to price new products and services, innovate their revenue models, and optimize their monetization strategy. What sets us apart is that we go beyond monetization and inform all aspects of your business growth. We advocate that any product development journey should start with pricing. A monetization-first approach to product development can prevent over-engineering and help you develop just the offerings that you can sell. Value-based pricing is key to aligning products and services with what customers are willing to pay.

Established in 2015, we assisted start-ups, growth ventures, and multi-nationals in various industries including SaaS, IoT, platforms, industrial technology, healthcare technology, mobile technology, education technology, financial technology, and professional and business services.


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