When it comes to pricing, there are five key areas on which your product, marketing, and sales teams must align. These five areas are: - Industry drivers - Market drivers - Segment drivers - Product drivers - Buyer/user behaviors

Reference value is about uncovering how much value buyers trade-off in exchange for your offering. Questions to derive the reference value could be formulated as follows: “What would you trade me to solve for [the pain point in the way your solution solves it] right now?” “On a scale of 1-10 what’s the importance of [solving for the pain point in the way your solution solves it]?” “Which of the [features & attributes below] provide the most and the l...

Pricing is about how the exchange of value takes place between your company and your buyers. Therefore, it touches on all 3 aspects of value.

If you believe what people say about a choice they will make in the future, you'll end up building the wrong solution.

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