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Case study: Healthcare pricing
Healthcare and life sciences

Here at Pricing Innovations, we’ve helped various healthcare technology and life sciences clients, to innovate their pricing and revenue models to drive the adoption of clinical breakthroughs. Below are a few examples of the pricing transformations that we sparked in life sciences

Cell and gene therapy

Our client – a global biotherapies company engaged us to establish pricing for their allogeneic product and services. In this relatively new industry, pricing and revenue models are still very new thus, determining the right pricing requires an end-to-end understanding of value from starting material to the value of the IP through its lifetime.


Results and outcomes

1.Transformed client’s allogeneic cell sourcing offerings into a platform and established a value-based pricing strategy

2.Conducted research on CGT companies to model pricing by therapy phase and type

3.Translated the proposed monetization strategy into go-to-market plans

4.Designed and developed a pricing calculator that provides a monetization outcome for each CGT application


Anemia management

We helped our client - an anemia management software and managed services provider, over 3 years as they went from seed to scale to exit. Our clients’ solutions provided transformative outcomes for chronic and non-chronic anemia patients as well as $1.5 - $4.5MM per year savings in large health systems

Results and outcomes

1.Developed a pricing strategy for peri-operative and comprehensive blood management for US Hospitals

2.Negotiated a strategic partnership with the American Red Cross for expanding our client’s anemia management program nationally

3.Supported our client’s acquisition by a leading blood management company 


Precision medicine

Our client- a CGT company in children’s epilepsy engaged us for a Pricing Canvas Workshop™ to identify strategies for:

1. Increasing the affordability of Functional Genomics Coding Platform of offerings

2. Mapping the long-term opportunities for drug commercialization

3. Expanding the use of outcomes data


Results and outcomes

We delivered a two-day workshop that helped our client determine the options for pricing their Functional Genomics Coding platform of offerings and financially modeled various global adoption scenarios. We also documented the callouts for strategically engaging physicians, hospitals, genetic testing partners, clinics, academia, families, and patient advocacy groups as part of the go-to-market strategy development.

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