Healthcare Pricing Canvas™

Value-based pricing has always been a controversial approach in pricing healthcare as the value of the positive outcomes are difficult to quantify objectively and ethically. Today, technology is reshaping the landscape of how healthcare and medical technologies are acquired, implemented and utilized both for healthcare delivery  and for patient outcomes. As factors such as telehealth, personalized medicine, health services, and social determinants of health become integrated into the patient experience, a new approach to pricing in healthcare is required. The patient experience workflows, products and services that result from the integration of various data types can vary significantly across care types even when the data comes from the same patient and care is delivered through the same infrastructure. 

In healthcare, one of the biggest questions is “Who pays?” As the leading pricing and monetization practice in healthcare and medical technology, we are cracking at that question everyday. We have built an amazing team of medical professionals and healthcare practitioners who are solving the healthcare monetization puzzle all the time.  Let's get a conversation started and explore the innovative ways in which you can create better outcomes both for the patients and the healthcare ecosystem.

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