Our monetization-as-a-service option includes all our library of methodologies from our Pricing Services and are delivered on an ongoing basis to support your entire product line and portfolio of offerings. Some of the ways in which we can support your overall monetization plan are:

  1. Monetization-first product development: Assisting you in building the most monetizable products and preventing over-engineering

  2. Monetizing data: Discovering new product and service offerings from data

  3. Implementing a price increase: Rolling out a new pricing plan 

  4. Pricing new versions and/or rolling out add-on modules: Configuring and re-configuring your pricing structure

  5. Pricing managed services: Customizing your product and/or service bundles to the needs of enterprise buyers

Tell us what you're working on, we're sure we got you covered.

Data Request and Stakeholder Interviews

We will first send over a data request detailing the key, relevant knowledge and secondary data that are specific to your space and for each of the sections of the Pricing Canvas™. This qualitative and quantitative data set will be key to aligning our guiding principles and baseline assumptions as we determine the key questions to answer.

Pricing strategy canvas
Value map

Competitive/Comparative Analysis & Value Map

Next, we will analyze your existing sales, marketing and product data, design primary and/or secondary research, and conduct a competitive and comparative analysis. We will then determine your specific pricing power in relation to your segmented buyers' reference set (s) for all the other options in the marketplace.

Product and Offer Structure Alignment

We will next help you [re]configure your product, service, and offer structures to align your pricing with the benefits received by the different types of buyers. We will determine the right caps, fences, and triggers to convert buyers to paid plans as well as mobilization strategies to increase their lifetime value.


Ongoing Pricing, Roadmap and Go-to-Market Alignment

Finally, we will support all your relevant teams as, extended team members, and help them make the most informed product development, customer acquisition, and customer service decisions. We will monitor your market dynamics and make strategic and tactical pricing recommendations on an ongoing basis.

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