Our process

We’ve created a “value-focused” innovation and monetization process which not only helps you develop the products that people will actually buy but also align your product, offer, pricing, and cost structures with the true dynamics of your buyers, users, and market. In the core of our process is our focus to make your pricing work both for you and your buyers so that they pay as they continue to benefit from your offerings and they pay more as they benefit more.

Product Structure:

Value Modeling and Opportunity Analysis


We begin every engagement with a monetization opportunity analysis which helps us to build your value model and value map. A value map is the most important step before product requirements are gathered and buyers' needs are translated into product and service packaging, features and functionality.

Value map - Prcing Strategy

Offer Structure:

Value Stack Analysis and Optimization


We then move on to [re]configuring your product and offer structures to align them with your buyers' benefits and willingness-to-pay. A good offer structure design ensures that you acquire, monetize, and mobilize buyers throughout their lifetime.

Pricing Structure:

Value Metric Analysis, Testing, and Validation


We design experiments to test and validate your pricing metric, caps, fences, and triggers to mobilize your buyers through their lifetime. A good pricing structure is one that easily communicates the value of each option and one that makes it easy for buyers to mobilize to higher paying tiers as their needs and usage changes.

Cost Structure:

Roadmap and Go-to-Market Alignment

Finally, we help you to optimize your go-to-market plan with your new pricing and align your roadmap with your growth goals and prevent over-engineering your solution.

How do we do all that?


Well, like they say in the tech world all too often: "We eat our own dog food." The Pricing Canvas™ is at the heart of our own pricing and monetization process - just as we recommend the same to our partners and clients. We use the Pricing Canvas™ to identify the value-based, competitive, and strategic pricing opportunities for our clients - whether it be a single product or service offering or an entire portfolio of offerings. We can focus each of the sections individually - i.e. for pricing-growth alignment, or the canvas as a whole - i.e. for pricing new offerings. Download the Pricing Canvas™ Guide and see for yourself.

Pricing Strategy Canvas

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