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Rapid price testing

Our Rapid Price Testing is the fastest way to test your pricing options and validate your pricing plan. Among others, Rapid Price Testing can be used for:

  • Validating product market fit

  • Identifying the optimal pricing for your offering(s)

  • Calculating willingness to pay for each feature

  • Measuring the ideal level of a price increase

  • Evaluating your segmented monetization opportunity

  • Vetting portfolio options for due diligence

  • Learning your segments' price sensitivity


Data and business analysis

We will first send over a data request detailing the key knowledge and relevant business data. This qualitative and quantitative analysis will be key to aligning our guiding principles and baseline assumptions as we identify the opportunities to innovate your pricing structure, model, and window.

Pricing plan.png
Value map

Competitive and comparative analysis and mapping

Next, we will design primary and secondary research to determine your competitive and comparative  pricing position. We will identify the drivers of value and willingness to pay for all your relevant segments, and design alternative pricing plans for internal and external testing.


Rapid Price Testing

We will deploy quantitative field tests for validating your pricing plan and pricing window. In our wheelhouse are 20+ price testing methods from monadic price testing to adaptive conjoint analysis and all the way to full market simulations. We will combine the results of our qualitative and qualitative learning, and devise your optimal pricing plan.

Pricing window
SaaS Pricing

[New] Packaging and pricing page design

Finally, we help you to put together a roadmap for implementing your pricing plan including new packaging and pricing page design. We also document and report other opportunities identified for future consideration.

Want to set a new pricing strategy but not sure where to start? We can help.

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