The Pricing Canvas™

Here at Pricing Innovations, we’ve set out to reimagine the way we innovate, develop and monetize products that meet their revenue and profit goals.


That’s why we created the Pricing Canvas ™.

Pricing Canvas™ is the best exercise to begin your pricing innovation. Get your team together and set aside at least a half-day for the initial discovery.


Pricing Canvas™ consists of ten sections each representing a structural component of your business, product, and market. Each section will help you to design your pricing and monetization plans using the principles of value-based pricing. The questions on the Pricing Canvas™ will provide you with a pricing process based on the outcomes, benefits, and economic impact of your offering.

pricing strategy canvas

Pricing Canvas™ is a growth tool
which aligns your key business structures

Most businesses drive growth in one of four ways:


  1. Acquiring net new customers

  2. Monetizing their client base better or differently

  3. Improving profits and margins

  4. Gaining competitive market share

how to price new products

You can use the Pricing Canvas™ to identify the pricing structure, pricing model, and pricing window which best aligns with your key growth strategy.  You can focus on each of the sections individually to execute your growth plan or complete the entire canvas and optimize your revenue model with the true dynamics of your buyers, users, and market.

How to use the Pricing Canvas™?


We've created a guide for you. Download the Pricing Canvas™ Guide and learn more about the qualitative and quantitative methods of pricing and monetization.

pricing strategy canvas

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