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Pricing Canvas™ Workshop

We offer The Pricing Canvas™ workshop with two options: half or full day workshop. Since pricing is a multi-disciplinary endeavor, we ask that you work as a team and include colleagues from product, marketing, sales, operations, and finance teams, and set aside at least a half day prior to the workshop to go over the discovery questions and to pull the data available. Leave the rest to us!


Data and business analysis

We will first send over a data request detailing the key knowledge and relevant business data. This qualitative and quantitative data analysis will be key to aligning our guiding principles and baseline assumptions as we do the work on the canvas.

Pricing Canvas (TM) by Pricing Innovatio
Pricing strategy canvas

Pricing Canvas design

Your pricing is as good as the questions you ask for each of the sections of your specific Pricing Canvas™. The Pricing Innovations team will customize and populate the Pricing Canvas™ with questions and guiding statements that are specific to your space.


Pricing CanvasWorkshop - #1

To kick things off, we'll first identify your growth goals and how your pricing strategy can deliver them. We'll then decide on which specific sections of the Pricing Canvas™ we'll focus and design your new pricing strategy in smaller teams. We end the first workshop with a learning plan to deploy in the following weeks.

10 growth levers.png
Pricing Canvas (TM) by Pricing Innovatio

Pricing CanvasWorkshop - #2

We will regroup again in 2-4 weeks or when the data and results of the learning plan are in. We will finalize your Pricing Canvas™ and draft a new pricing strategy, and create a testing plan.

Want to set a new pricing strategy but not sure where to start? We can help.

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