Now in beta: The Value Map

Our most recent break-through, here at Pricing Innovations, is the Value Map. A value map is just as it sounds: a map of what your buyers and users value. Designed similarly to an experience map, a value map differs from an experience map in the following ways:

  1. The guiding insights are generated by focusing on the gaps in the buyers' and users' current experiences

  2. Buyers' or users' current stacks are analyzed deeply to identify what drives their willingness to pay

  3. Buyers' or users' value gaps are detailed qualitatively and quantitatively

  4. The drivers of willingness to pay are translated into product attributes specific to the space  that is being analyzed

  5. Buyers' or users' willingness to pay are quantified for each of the new and/or differentiated attributes

  6. All the insights are translated into monetizable features, functionality, and attributes and documented for product requirements or roadmap

Value based pricing

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